There are several things I consider when choosing the best rehearsal space Etobicoke, aside from Etobicoke Rehearsal Spacethe obvious. For me, the very first thing I look for is proximity to major roads, intersections and highways and availability of free parking. The ideal location for a rehearsal studio is somewhere easily accessible by all musicians in Toronto. Inevitably,

someone has to travel a little further to some music rehearsal spaces, so it’s best to be close to all major arteries. Parking at practice spaces can be a bummer too, so look around at where these music spaces are.

Etobicoke Rehearsal Spaces for Musicians

The next thing I look for in an Etobicoke rehearsal space is how close the studios are to major fast-food joints. No one wants to drive miles around the rehearsal studios looking for a bite. You need something quick, reliable and easy, like Tim Horton’s. You crispy musicians know what I mean!

The third criteria I use in choosing the best rehearsal space in Etobicoke is the state of their washrooms. You can tell a lot about someone and their rehearsal space business, by how they keep their washroom. Does it smell? Is there toilet paper? Is there hand soap? Is the bowl clean? Are the sink and taps clean? Is there a mirror? Have you ever dragged around a bitchy girlfriend and then had to hear her whine more about the gross rehearsal studio washroom? No thanks!

The next thing I look for in a band rehearsal space is if the music studio is warmed up and ready. There’s nothing worse than wasting precious music rehearsal time when the scruffy owner is scrambling around powering up, doing lame mic checks etc, only to find out something’s broken.


Music Practice Studios around Toronto

Of course there’s the obvious things to consider when finding the best rehearsal space Etobicoke, like quality of music equipment, gear, sound, audio etc., but that’s for another post. For my money, the best music rehearsal studios in Etobicoke that satisfies my needs of convenient location, Tim Horton’s right there, clean washroom, and room ready for jamming pleasure, is the Groove Room Music Rehearsal Studios.

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