There are many benefits to renting Music Rehearsal Spaces in Etobicoke. Everyone wants to save money right? Money rules all and these days, to survive, you have to manage your dimes and nickels closer than ever before. Often, musicians will forego the luxuries of life to maintain their creative integrity and spirituality.

The reality of surviving in a big, cosmopolitan city is stark. It can be a double-edged sword when you want to be in the heart of the action, yet need a high-paying, exhaustive 9 to 5 job just to pay the bills. How can you afford to follow your dream when the cost of many monthly Etobicoke music rehearsal studios are so expensive? The solution? Rent band practice studios by the hour.

There are many advantages to renting Etobicoke music spaces by the hour…..

1. You can save wear and tear on your own gear, by using someone else’s. Look for band rehearsal studios that have quality gear. This is what sets apart one rehearsal space from another. It’s the optimum situation to use a music studio’s quality gear, and keep yours at home for personal practice. This actually increases your potential practice time and protects your gear from premature breakdown.

2. Save time and frustration from chasing after dead-beat band mates for the monthly music space rent. Or how about when a band-mate move into your jam space while “in between jobs”? Savour the smell of bum musician/unemployed drifter. Or how about the band-mate whose practice space rent you cover for a few months, only to have them quit the band and leave you holding the bag?

3. Nowadays, monthly rent on rehearsal studios in Etobicoke can be pricey, upwards of $600 per month or more. Realistically, how many times is your band going to jam? Is it worth it? Here’s some simple math…

A typical hourly rehearsal studio charges:

3 hours for $50

Divide the $600 monthly cost by $50 for one 3 hour session.

= (12) 3-hour sessions per month,

divided by 4 weeks

= (3) 3-hour sessions per week.

Believe me, 3 sessions a week is plenty for a dedicated band. Mix in shows and home practice, and your schedule is full. Save your money for recording sessions and internet social network expenses.

4. Have you ever been ripped off? It seems to happen more with monthly music rehearsal studios. You can’t really trust anyone these days, everyone has their eye on your gear. Who’s going to protect you? The building’s security or insurance coverage? HAHAHA just try and collect anything from the landlord! Theft, fire, destruction from drunken band-mates all put your prized gear at risk. Save yourself the headache.

5. Hourly music practice studio sessions can actually help your band keep professional appointments and focus on quality rehearsal time. No time for slacking off. You want the most of your band studio time. Your monthly band practice studio rent is paying someone else’s mortgage, so save your money. Look around…. some Etobicoke band rehearsal spaces offer music practice studio packages to help save you time and money.

The Groove Room Music Rehearsal Spaces in Etobicoke is one music studio that offers fantastic deals on band practice space time. Check out their Etobicoke jam spaces at

www . grooveroom . ca

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