The Groove Room proudly announces the opening of their new Toronto drum studio.

Drum practice studio torontoFinally, a space for drummers to practice without the nuisance of fellow band members present and a price suitable for a solo practice. For only $10 per hour, or less on prepaid deals, drummers can come and rock out on a quality Tama RockStar Pro drumkit with all cymbals and snare provided.

The drums practice room has had acoustic foam treatments added to help cut down high-end frequencies. PA with mixer and two mics is also provided.

Conveniently located in Toronto and near all highways, if you’re looking to practice drums without the high cost of a full rehearsal space, check out the Groove Room drum practice studios today!

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Recently, we learned about structural insulated panels, Toronto is a perfect place to get them.

The use of this insulated paneling greatly improves the quality of sound. Just what every recording studio needs to provide the most acoustically dynamic environment.

Toronto Structural Insulated Panels Image

You can get all the details of structural insulated panels in Toronto by contacting:
Chris H. Phone: (416) * 57o * PRIC

There are many benefits to renting Music Rehearsal Spaces in Etobicoke. Everyone wants to save money right? Money rules all and these days, to survive, you have to manage your dimes and nickels closer than ever before. Often, musicians will forego the luxuries of life to maintain their creative integrity and spirituality.

The reality of surviving in a big, cosmopolitan city is stark. It can be a double-edged sword when you want to be in the heart of the action, yet need a high-paying, exhaustive 9 to 5 job just to pay the bills. How can you afford to follow your dream when the cost of many monthly Etobicoke music rehearsal studios are so expensive? The solution? Rent band practice studios by the hour.

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There are several things I consider when choosing the best rehearsal space Etobicoke, aside from Etobicoke Rehearsal Spacethe obvious. For me, the very first thing I look for is proximity to major roads, intersections and highways and availability of free parking. The ideal location for a rehearsal studio is somewhere easily accessible by all musicians in Toronto. Inevitably,

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